Past Program – 2023 Agenda

Please find our 2023 agenda below or download/view our PDF version Schedule at a Glance.

Early conference registration was available on-site from 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Track 1: Pathways to Net Zero

This track focuses on trending mitigation strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and transformative solutions

Track 2: Cross-Sector Collaboration

This track focuses on cross-sector solutions and partnerships needed to accelerate action; spans both mitigation and resilience, ensuring a just transition.

TRACK 3: Mitigating Climate Risk

This track focuses on how to minimize and disclose economic and environmental risk, prepare for climate impact, and invest in a resilient future.

May 10
May 11
May 12

Strategies that Work: Climate Initiatives that Pack a Punch

Future Ready: Risk, Resilience, and Expanding Your Reach

The Pulse: Latest Trends and Innovation

Deep-dive instruction on applicable skills and decision-making for implementing specific climate solutions.

Climate Leadership Conference partners host interactive discussions highlighting best practices, emerging approaches and new research.

Once the formal conference program concludes, join us on March 6, 2020, as the Climate Leadership Conference hosts three tours of Detroit landmarks and institutions that are renowned for their sustainability.


Conference Registration Desk Open

7:00am - 6:00pm

Morning Coffee & Networking

7:30am - 8:30am

Local Sustainability Tours and Morning Workshops

8:30am - 10:00am

Achieving Net Zero: Making Sense of Alphabet Soup

Hosted by: Anew Climate

Down the Garden Path: Transportation Mobility and Equity Walking Tour

Hosted by: Caltrans and LA Metro

This tour highlights how walking, biking, and transit can provide a safer, healthier, and more beautiful way to get around Los Angeles. It orients conference attendees working in climate change implementation to the value of Complete Streets—streets that are for conducting business, creating wealth, working, going to school, in short, streets that are for people. So, before you head indoors all day, come join us with a coffee (available at registration) and your comfy walking shoes. This short, easy tour will showcase partnerships between LA Metro, CalTrans, and others, while giving you a healthy fresh start to the long day ahead of you.

Register here (Please note that this tour is exclusive to CLC registrants)


Morning Workshops

10:00am - 11:30am

The State of Corporate Sustainability Disclosure

Hosted by: UCLA Anderson School of Management Center for Impact

Tackling Scope 3: Addressing Barriers and Achieving Reductions

Hosted by: WWF, WRI, CDP

A Local Approach to Climate Transition Planning and Identifying Economic Development and Financing Opportunities

Hosted by: CDP


Welcome Lunch: Welcome to the 2023 Climate Leadership Conference

11:45am - 1:00pm

With special guest speaker, Susan Joy Hassol, climate change communicator, analyst, and author


Afternoon Workshops

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Net-Zero Integration: Solutions for Deep Measurable GHG Reductions within Organizations

Hosted by: The Climate Registry and Arup

Swimming Upstream in the Supply Chain: Impactful Clean Electricity Procurement

Hosted by: Center for Resource Solutions

Hiring and Training the Climate Resilience Workforce

Hosted by: American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP)


Networking & Refreshments Break

3:00pm - 3:30pm

Opening Plenary Session

3:30pm - 5:30pm

Welcome to the City of Los Angeles

Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change and Building Resilience through Integrated Partnerships and Policy

Advancing Climate Equity to Ensure a Just, Green Economic Transition

  • Eddie Ahn, Executive Director, Brightline Defense
  • Zahirah Mann, President and Chief Executive Officer, South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z)
  • Heather Rosenberg, Associate Principal and Resilience Leader, Arup

Welcome Reception

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Conference Registration Desk Open

7:00am - 6:00pm

Breakfast & Networking

7:30am - 8:30am

Day 2 Welcome + Plenary Session

8:30am - 10:15am

The Great Energy Disruption

Assistant Secretary for Electricity at the U.S. Department of Energy, Gene Rodrigues, shares the federal government’s role in modernizing the electric grid and strengthening energy security.

Strategies, Policies, and Funding Needed to Scale Our Clean Energy Future to Meet the Global Challenge

  • Emily Sanford Fisher, Executive Vice President, Clean Energy, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
  • Doreen M. Harris, President & CEO, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • Michael Jung, Executive Director, ICF Climate Center
  • Cathy S. Woollums, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company

Pathways to Net Zero for Hard-to-Abate Sectors

  • Adam Klauber, Vice President Sustainability & ESG, World Energy
  • Jawaad Malik, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, SoCalGas
  • Mitchell Toomey, Vice President, Sustainability and Responsible Care, American Chemistry Council
  • Marian Van Pelt, Senior Vice President, Climate and Clean Energy, ICF

Networking & Refreshments Break

10:15am - 10:45am

Morning Breakout Sessions

10:45am - 11:45am

Energy Storage and the Promise of Hydrogen Hubs: Unlocking our Clean Energy Rollout at Scale

Landmark federal legislation and sub-national climate policies have paved the way for a clean energy boom in every corner of the country. This session focuses on energy storage, distribution, and the investment being made in hydrogen hubs - with each needing to scale in order to fully integrate renewable sources of energy and drive the clean energy revolution.


  • Rebecca Foster Chief Executive Officer, VEIC
  • Karen Glitman Senior Director, Distributed Energy Resources Program, Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Michelle Miano Environmental Protection Division Director, New Mexico Environment Department
  • Julia Souder Chief Executive Officer, Long Duration Energy Storage Council (LDESC)

Driving Down Emissions throughout the Value Chain

With Scope 3 emissions often making up more than 70% of an organization’s carbon footprint, tackling emissions throughout one’s value chain is imperative on the pathway to net zero. This immense and complex challenge requires collecting mass amounts of data to analyze your value chain, and then working with a diverse set of stakeholders, from internal teams to vendors to suppliers, to make data-driven changes. Panelists will share lessons learned on their journeys to drive down Scope 3 emissions through stakeholder engagement, consistent data collection, and innovative initiatives or pilot projects.


Innovative Financing for Climate Solutions

The pathway to net zero requires a significant increase in global climate investments – to fund renewable deployment, technology and innovative pilot programs, resilience efforts and nature-based solutions, and overall transition planning. The Biden Administration has risen to the occasion, but federal agencies have to act fast to deploy funds allocated toward climate action. This session explores how organizations are making the business case, taking advantage of government spending and incentives, and where their investments can have the greatest impacts while ensuring equitable distribution and a just transition.


  • Saskia Feast Managing Director, Global Client Solutions, Climate Impact Partners
  • Esther Sosa Senior Advisor for Policy, IRA Implementation, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Gwen S. Yamamoto-Lau Executive Director, Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority
  • Sharon Nolen Program Manager & Fellow, Global Natural Resource Management, Eastman Chemical Company

Networking Lunch

11:45am - 1:00pm

Remarks from Robert Kay, Americas Climate and Sustainability Services Leader, Principal, Arup


Guest Speaker

12:15pm - 1:00pm

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Delivering on Offshore Wind

Investing in offshore wind has gained momentum from both private and public sectors in recent years. And in addition to meeting our growing demand for clean energy, deploying offshore wind in the U.S. offers expanded supply chain opportunities at home, from manufacturing facilities to port capabilities to workforce development. This session presents perspectives from across the globe to share what barriers they face, opportunities and co-benefits gained, and the partnerships needed for successfully delivering on offshore wind.


  • Emily Cloke His Majesty’s Consul General, British Consulate General, Los Angeles
  • Beccie Drake Offshore Wind Digital Lead, Arup
  • Suzanne MacDonald Senior Researcher, Stakeholder Engagement, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Alice Reynolds President, California Public Utilities Commission

Breaking Down Barriers: Nature-Based Solutions to Achieve Climate Goals

Healthy landscapes sequester and store carbon, limit future greenhouse gas emissions, protect people and nature from the impacts of climate change such as heat and erosion, and build resilience. Business and local government alike are reaping the co-benefits of investing in natural climate solutions – this session delves into the essential nature of nature in building a resilient, equitable, carbon neutral future.


Navigating SEC Guidance and Evolving ESG & Climate Disclosures

Climate threats, impact, and the cost of inaction are keeping companies and stakeholders on their toes, while the rules and regulations around disclosures and material risks continue to evolve. This session provides an understanding of the latest SEC guidelines, how regulated disclosures may impact business and which data points offer companies the opportunity to build positive relationships with stakeholders and drive brand value.




2:30pm - 2:45pm

Interactive Exchange Sessions

2:45pm - 3:30pm

Initiated conversation starters followed by interactive full–group discussions

Networking Table Topics

Tables of 10, designated by topic; facilitated informal discussions

The Climate Registry Members Town Hall

TCR Members will receive a policy and protocol update, experience the new features of our reporting platform, and have an opportunity to give feedback.


Networking & Refreshments Break

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Plenary Session

4:00pm - 5:45pm

Nancy Sutley, Deputy Mayor of Energy and Sustainability, Office of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, Shares a Vision for Decarbonizing Los Angeles

Corporate Climate Leadership: Achieving Ambitious Goals through Value Chain and Stakeholder Engagement

Corporate Climate Leadership: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Address Climate Risk and Resilience



5:45pm - 7:00pm

Climate Leadership Awards Ceremony & Dinner

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Emcee: Julia Pyper, Vice President of Public Affairs, GoodLeap

CLA Pioneer Recipient: Governor Jay Inslee, State of Washington


Celebrating Awardees

8:30pm - 10:00pm

Conference Registration Desk Open

7:30am - 12:00pm

Breakfast & Networking

7:30am - 8:45am

Morning Breakout Sessions

8:45am - 9:45am

Leveraging Advanced Technologies, Digitization, and Data Analytics to Decarbonize the Built Environment

With the built environment making up 40% of overall emissions, the opportunity for innovative solutions and technology abounds. Going beyond basic retrofits and clean energy procurement, organizations are relying on data collection and analytics, advancement in technologies, and digitization to accelerate the race to zero emissions. Session panelists share strategies, emerging trends and new tools for achieving deeper cuts in building-related GHG emissions.


  • Joe Baker Senior Sustainability and ESG Reporting Specialist, IBM
  • Elizabeth Beardsley, P.E. Senior Policy Counsel, U.S. Green Building Council
  • Michelle Thomas Principal Manager, Building Electrification & Codes and Standards, Southern California Edison
  • Kevin Davis Director of Emerging Technologies, CarbonCure Technologies

Transforming the Transportation Sector: Ensuring a Clean and Just Future of Mobility

Transforming the largest carbon-emitting sector in the U.S. is going to require a holistic and collaborative approach. The Biden Administration, local governments and public agencies continue to explore private sector engagement to make this important transition while ensuring a future of mobility that is clean, safe, secure, accessible, affordable, and equitable. Session speakers will share what challenges lie ahead, how teaming up with key stakeholders is driving new transportation options, and what the future of mobility may look like.


Community Solutions for Maintaining Public Health, Equity, and Resilience

In addition to understanding and preparing for the physical impacts of climate change, there is growing concern about the vulnerabilities that can ripple through the economy. Addressing significant climate impact necessitates more coordinated resilience-building efforts by organizations and their host communities—whose resources, work force, public health, and infrastructure they mutually depend on. This panel will explore mutually beneficial strategies to bolster community resilience, health, and equitable transition planning.


  • Elizabeth Babcock Deputy Director, City and County of Denver's Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency
  • Dr. Natalie Suder Egnot Managing Health Scientist and ESG Advisor, Stantec
  • Stephen Torres Principal Manager, Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planning, Southern California Edison
  • Dr. Idania Zamora Program Manager, Climate Protection, Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)

Networking & Refreshments Break

9:45am - 10:15am

Closing Plenary Session

10:15am - 12:15pm

Super-National Climate Solutions

Opening Remarks by Governor Jay Inslee, State of Washington

In conversation with,

California’s Climate Leadership with CA State Senator Henry Stern

A conversation on climate priorities, energy policy, and economic development with U.S. Department of Energy’s Senior Advisor to Secretary Granholm, Kate Gordon and Laurie Fitzmaurice, Business Development – Renewables & New Energies (Americas) at Amazon Web Services

A conversation on evolving ESG disclosures with Persefoni’s Vice President of Global Regulatory Climate Disclosure, Emily Pierce and Dan Krekelberg, TCR Director of Policy


Conference Adjourns

12:15pm - 1:00pm

La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) Tour and Info Session

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Hosted by: LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

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All sessions (including tours) are exclusive to attendees of the 2023 Climate Leadership Conference. If you are interested in attending this session, please make sure you are registered for the conference.