Past Speakers

We thank these climate advocates, among many more, from across diverse sectors and regions who have
lent their voices to the Climate Leadership audience over the past 10 years.

speaker-image Alexia Kelly

Alexia Kelly

Climate Mitigation Expert, U.S. Department of State (2013)
speaker-image Alka Banerjee

Alka Banerjee

Managing Director, Product Management, S&P Dow Jones Indices (2015)
speaker-image Amy Francetic

Amy Francetic

Senior Vice President, New Ventures and Corporate Affairs, Invenergy LLC (2017)
speaker-image Andrew Revkin

Andrew Revkin

Senior Reporter, Climate, ProPublica (2017)
speaker-image Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman

Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan (2020)
speaker-image Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova

Vice President Government Relations, Schneider Electric (2019)
speaker-image Ben Grumbles

Ben Grumbles

Secretary, Maryland Department of the Environment (2018)
speaker-image Bernadette Woods-Placky

Bernadette Woods-Placky

Chief Meteorologist and Climate Matters Director, Climate Central (2019)
speaker-image Brian Deese

Brian Deese

Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor, White House (2015)
speaker-image Bruno Sarda

Bruno Sarda

Director, Sustainability Operations, Dell Technologies (2014)
speaker-image Carl Pope

Carl Pope

Vice Chairman, America’s Pledge (2019)
speaker-image Carol M. Browner

Carol M. Browner

Former EPA Administrator (2015)
speaker-image Catherine McKenna

Catherine McKenna

Minister of Environment & Climate Change, Canada (2018)
speaker-image Cathy Woollums

Cathy Woollums

Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Berkshire Hathaway Energy (2019)
speaker-image Chelsea Mozen

Chelsea Mozen

Sustainability Lead, Etsy (2019)
speaker-image Chris Crane

Chris Crane

President and CEO, Exelon Corporation (2017)
speaker-image Chris Wheat

Chris Wheat

Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago (2017)
speaker-image Christine Kehoe

Christine Kehoe

Executive Director, California Electric Plug-in Vehicle Collaborative (2014)
speaker-image Dan Reicher

Dan Reicher

Executive Director, Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford University (2016)
speaker-image Danielle Azoulay

Danielle Azoulay

Head of CSR and Sustainability, L’Oreal (2018)
speaker-image Deb Frodl

Deb Frodl

Global Executive Director, GE's Ecomagination (2017)
speaker-image Diane Leopold

Diane Leopold

Chief Operating Officer, Dominion Energy (2020)
speaker-image Dirk Forrister

Dirk Forrister

President & CEO, IETA (2015)
speaker-image Dr. Atyia Martin

Dr. Atyia Martin

CEO, All Aces (2018)
speaker-image Dr. Georges Benjamin

Dr. Georges Benjamin

Executive Director, American Public Health Association (2019)
speaker-image Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Senior Program Officer, Environment at The Kresge Foundation (2020)
speaker-image Ed Maibach

Ed Maibach

Director, George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication (2015)
speaker-image Edan Dionne

Edan Dionne

Vice President, Corporate Environmental Affairs, IBM (2019)
speaker-image Edward B. Murray

Edward B. Murray

Mayor, City of Seattle (2016)
speaker-image Emilie Mazzacurati

Emilie Mazzacurati

Founder and CEO, Four Twenty Seven (2017)
speaker-image Erin Meezan

Erin Meezan

VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Interface, Inc. (2020)
speaker-image Ethan Zindler

Ethan Zindler

Head of Americas at BloombergNEF (2020)
speaker-image Eugenia Gregorio

Eugenia Gregorio

Director of Corporate Responsibility, The Tower Companies (2015)
speaker-image Frank Senso

Frank Senso

Anchor and Washington Bureau Chief, CNN (1984-2009) and Director, George Washington University's School of Media & Public Affairs (2016)
speaker-image Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson

Chairman and CEO, DTE Energy (2018)
speaker-image Gina McCarthy

Gina McCarthy

Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2016)
speaker-image Gwen Migita

Gwen Migita

Vice President, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship, Caesars Entertainment (2016)
speaker-image Harriet Tregoning

Harriet Tregoning

Director, Office of Economic Resilience, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (2015)
speaker-image Harry Lamberton

Harry Lamberton

Vice President - Energy and Environmental Services, Waste Management (2016)
speaker-image Jairo Garcia

Jairo Garcia

Director, Climate Policy, City of Atlanta (2017)
speaker-image James Balog

James Balog

Founder and Director, Earth Vision Institute and Extreme Ice Survey (2017)
speaker-image James Chen

James Chen

Vice President of Public Policy, Rivian (2020)
speaker-image Jamie M. Gentoso

Jamie M. Gentoso

Chief Executive Officer of US Cement Operations at LafargeHolcim (2020)
speaker-image Jenell Moffett

Jenell Moffett

Climate Protection, City of Austin (2013)
speaker-image Jerry Norcia

Jerry Norcia

President and CEO at DTE Energy (2020)
speaker-image Jewel James

Jewel James

Vice President, Market Expansion & Policy, Renovate America, Inc. (2017)
speaker-image Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah

President & Co-Founder, Generate Capital (2019)
speaker-image John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper

Governor of Colorado (2018)
speaker-image John Viera

John Viera

Global Director, Sustainability, Ford Motor Company (2013)
speaker-image Jonathan Powers

Jonathan Powers

Federal Environmental Executive, White House Council on Environmental Quality (2013)
speaker-image Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe

Director of the Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University (2018)
speaker-image Katherine Hammack

Katherine Hammack

Assistant Secretary, Installations, Energy & Environment, U.S. Army (2013)
speaker-image Kathy Baughman McLeod

Kathy Baughman McLeod

Director of The Adrienne Arsht Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, The Atlantic Council (2020)
speaker-image Kelly Semrau

Kelly Semrau

Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, Communication & Sustainability, S.C. Johnson (2014)
speaker-image Kevin Bryan

Kevin Bryan

Senior Policy Director, Keystone Policy Center (2018)
speaker-image Kevin Rabinovitch

Kevin Rabinovitch

Global Sustainability Director, Mars Incorporated (2016)
speaker-image Kim Cobb

Kim Cobb

Georgia Power Chair | Earth and Atmospheric Sciences ADVANCE Professor | Director, Global Change Program at Georgia Institute of Technology (2020)
speaker-image Kim Jordan

Kim Jordan

Co-Founder & Executive Chair, New Belgium Brewing (2018)
speaker-image Kimberly Hill-Knott

Kimberly Hill-Knott

Detroit Climate Action Collaborative/ Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (2017)
speaker-image Kyung-Ah Park

Kyung-Ah Park

Managing Director and Head of Environmental Markets at Goldman Sachs (2020)
speaker-image Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan

Governor of Maryland (2019)
speaker-image Liesl Clark

Liesl Clark

Director of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (2020)
speaker-image Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Vice President, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple (2017)
speaker-image Lisa Shibata

Lisa Shibata

Senior Manager, Corporate Citizenship, The Walt Disney Company (2017)
speaker-image Lou Hutchinson

Lou Hutchinson

VP, Public Sector, Constellation (2013)
speaker-image Louise Bedsworth

Louise Bedsworth

Deputy Director, California Office of Planning and Research (2014)
speaker-image Mandela Barnes

Mandela Barnes

Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin (2020)
speaker-image Maria Vargas

Maria Vargas

Director, DOE Better Buildings Challenge, U.S. Department of Energy (2015)
speaker-image Mary Nichols

Mary Nichols

Chair, California Air Resources Board (2014)
speaker-image Matt Clouse

Matt Clouse

Director, Renewable Energy Policy and Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2015)
speaker-image Matthew Rodriquez

Matthew Rodriquez

Secretary for Environmental Protection, California Environmental Protection Agency (2016)
speaker-image Michael Hancock

Michael Hancock

Mayor, City of Denver, CO (2018)
speaker-image Michael Mann

Michael Mann

Distinguished Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC), Penn State University (2014)
speaker-image Michael Regan

Michael Regan

Secretary, Department of Environmental Quality, North Carolina (2018)
speaker-image Mustafa Santiago Ali

Mustafa Santiago Ali

Senior Vice President of Climate, Environmental Justice & Community Revitalization, Hip Hop Caucus (2018)
speaker-image Naomi Oreskes

Naomi Oreskes

Professor, History of Science, Harvard University and Author, Merchants of Doubt (2017)
speaker-image Nate Hurst

Nate Hurst

Global Director of Environmental Progress, HP (2015)
speaker-image Patricia Espinosa

Patricia Espinosa

Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (2017)
speaker-image Patricia Fuller

Patricia Fuller

Canada’s Ambassador for Climate Change (2020)
speaker-image Projal Dutta

Projal Dutta

Director, Sustainability Initiatives, New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (NYMTA) (2014)
speaker-image Rachel Kyte

Rachel Kyte

Dean of The Fletcher School, Tufts University (2020)
speaker-image Ray Mabus

Ray Mabus

Secretary, U.S. Navy (2015)
speaker-image Rebecca Boudreaux

Rebecca Boudreaux

President & Board Member, Oberon Fuels (2017)
speaker-image Rhea Suh

Rhea Suh

President, National Resources Defense Council (2016)
speaker-image Richard Saines

Richard Saines

Partner, Head- North American Climate Change and Environmental Markets Practice, Baker McKenzie, LLP (2017)
speaker-image Rob Bernard

Rob Bernard

Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft (2016)
speaker-image Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin

Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations, Former U.S. Treasury Secretary (2015)
speaker-image Scott Tew

Scott Tew

Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, Ingersoll Rand (2019)
speaker-image Senator Debbie Stabenow

Senator Debbie Stabenow

U.S. Senator for Michigan (2020)
speaker-image Stephanie Rico

Stephanie Rico

Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo (2013)
speaker-image Steve Tochilin

Steve Tochilin

General Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Delta Airlines (2013)
speaker-image Suzanne Lindsay-Walker

Suzanne Lindsay-Walker

Chief Sustainability Officer at UPS (2020)
speaker-image Tim Mohin

Tim Mohin

Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (2016)
speaker-image TJ DiCaprio

TJ DiCaprio

Global Director of Sustainability, Microsoft (2013)
speaker-image Tom Langan

Tom Langan

External Affairs Director, North America, Unilever (2014)
speaker-image Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

Retired Founder, Farallon Capital Management (2014)
speaker-image Vince Digneo

Vince Digneo

Sustainability Strategist, Corporate Responsibility, Adobe (2018)
speaker-image Wayne Balta

Wayne Balta

Vice President for Corporate Environmental Affairs, IBM (2014)
speaker-image William K. Reilly

William K. Reilly

EPA Administrator, 1989-93 | Chairman Emeritus, World Wildlife Fund | CoChair of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling (2020)