Melissa Jun Rowley

Founder & CEO, Warrior Love Productions

Melissa Jun Rowley is a serial media and tech entrepreneur and climate justice & gender equity advocate, building ecosystems and campaigns to reimagine the climate narrative and drive decarbonization. She’s currently the founder and CEO of the mission-driven consulting firm and production house, Warrior Love Productions, and a go-to expert for the United Nations Climate Change Global Innovation Hub. Last year, she led communications and business development for the World Bank’s Low Carbon City program, which helps cities in the Global South optimize international carbon markets. Previously, Melissa built The Toolbox, which curated digital tools to enable people to become everyday activists, and evolved into a traveling accelerator for entrepreneurs in developing economies. Cofounded by the legendary musician and activist Peter Gabriel, this platform and Melissa’s insatiable, journalistic curiosity led her to traveling to 70+ countries, where she wrote about founders, and worked with them to implement sustainability into their operations and services. An active speaker, Melissa is now hosting the LinkedIn Live series, Keeping it Cool, which spotlights innovators working at the intersection of climate and culture. In another life, she covered the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, Grammys, and several movie premieres and film junkets for CNN and Associated Press Television News. She also produced business news from the New York Stock Exchange for CNN, and served as a tech expert for BBC News. Her written work has appeared in Forbes, TechCrunch, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, The Guardian, Business Insider, and Reuters. Melissa is a graduate of the Founder Institute, as well as a recipient of the United Nations Media for Impact Award and the Visionary Award from the Business Center for New Americans.