Athanasia Xeros

Vice President of Climate Strategy, Mastercard

Sia leads the overall global Environmental Sustainability and Climate Strategy at Mastercard. She first started at Mastercard in 2016 with the responsibility of developing their environmental sustainability program and soon established the first Science Based Targets in the payment technology sector. Since the development of Mastercard’s first target she has been responsible for the continuous progression of the climate strategy including the realignment of the targets and the creation of a Net Zero target. In the beginning of the 2021 Mastercard announced a Net Zero 2050 target and has recently update the target to 2040. She currently is spearheading Net Zero 2040 goal and developed associated long term 1.5˚C Scenario decarbonization strategy, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, supply chain strategy, decarbonization strategies, resource management, zero waste, and other projects.