Chris Benjamin

Director, Corporate Sustainability, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

At Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Chris Benjamin is the Director of Corporate Sustainability and leads a team responsible for PG&E’s sustainability efforts and engagement. This includes working to implement the company’s climate goals toward net zero emissions by 2040 with a focus on better serving vulnerable communities throughout the energy transition. 

His responsibilities include working collaboratively to measure, communicate, and elevate PG&E’s sustainability commitment across the “triple bottom line” of serving people, the planet, and California’s prosperity. He leads a variety of sustainability reporting, benchmarking, and strategic policy initiatives and actively engages with a broad range of stakeholders, including PG&E’s external Sustainability Advisory Council, to guide and strengthen PG&E’s sustainability strategy. 

Prior to joining PG&E, Chris was a Vice President at Eastern Research Group and a Policy Associate for the National Recycling Coalition. He received a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University and a B.A. from Boston College.